Product Description

BOK-01 Mortar Spraying Machine

Coating machine is suitable for construction:

Suitable for indoor and outdoor wall spraying, cement mortar grouting, bridge grouting and waterproof surface spraying, fireproof spraying, thermal insulation material spraying, ceiling spraying, wall spraying, paint spraying, garden spraying, relief effect paint spraying, handicraft spraying, rockery spraying, sound-absorbing materials Spraying, waterproof plugging, waterproof plugging, light and convenient for the construction of bridges, dams, hillsides, basements, tunnels, and housing factories;

Basic parameters of BOK-01 mortar spraying machine:

1. Power: 4KW*380V

2. Flow Flux (L/min): 20-35

3. Horizontal (m): 15-20

4. Vertical conveying Vertical (m): 5-15

5. Bone grains and sand grains (mm): 0-4

6. Length (mm): 1800

7. Width (mm): 800

8. Heigh (mm): 520

9. Weight (kg): 130


1. The spraying flow can be adjusted and the thickness is uniform to ensure the best spraying effect.

2. Small size, very convenient on-site construction, no need to disassemble accessories, flexible operation and simple maintenance.

3. Efficient construction. And the quality is guaranteed. 80 flat areas can be sprayed per hour (1-2 cm thick)

4. The surface flatness error is accurate to 1 mm, in line with national standards.

5. The safety design of the equipment and installation, whether it is engineering construction or home decoration, can provide reliable safety guarantee.

6. It is suitable for spraying water-soluble materials such as cement mortar, thermal insulation mortar, perlite, fireproof materials, etc., with a wide range of applications and high applicability.

7. Effectively reduce manual transportation, reduce labor intensity of workers and improve construction quality.

8. Spraying and spraying need to be equipped with air compressor (0.25 m3-0.36m3/min, 6-8kg pressure) and mixer (for mixing materials)

9. Universally used for grouting construction.

It can be seen that the spraying machine not only has excellent performance, but also provides great convenience for our daily construction. We cannot do without it in industrial buildings and wall decoration.